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Outer and inner shell materials are available in standard galvanized steel, Type G90, mill phosphatized (satin) finish galvanized steel (readily paintable), stainless steel, Types 304 and 316, aluminum and aluminized steel. Standard material gages for solid outer shell are 18 ga. and 16 ga., perforated (23% open area) inner shell is 22 gage. ...

44 Mill phosphatized steel has a zinc phosphate coating. Zinc phosphate is considered …

o Mill phosphatized steel has a zinc phosphate coating. Zinc phosphate is considered dangerous to aquatic life and special handling is required at the mill to prevent its release into the environment. Both annealing and phosphatizing processes promote paint adhesion by damaging

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Paintgrip material is phosphatized – sometimes referred to as "bonderized" ‐ at the mill which allows the user to paint in the as‐received condition. This phosphate coating provides enhanced paint adhesion and improved corrosion resistance

ASTM D9092- mill phosphatized coating for painting. IF BONDERIZED ASTM b370- Sheet Copper, 16oz and 20oz IF GALVANIZED .025 x.025 hot dipped galvanized 23ga wire mesh Installation: See website: for installation instructions and video.

quality, hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with 0.20 percent copper, mill phosphatized where indicated for painting; not less than 0.0.0635 inch thick, unless otherwise indicated. [NOTE TO SPECIFIER: Delete if aluminum materials are not specified.] …

Project specification requirements for paintgrip or mill-phosphatized finishes added to the galvanized coating for exposed ductwork have the ultimate intentions of providing a paintable surface. In theory the "acid" etching of the surface is to provide additional "bite" to the paint and enhances the adhesion of the paint to the underlying surface.

ASTM A 525, G90 for hot-dip galvanizing, mill phosphatized, unless otherwise indicated. C. Gutter and downspouts shall be 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal and shall be fabricated K-style. D. Miscellaneous Materials and Accessories . 1.

designation; mill-phosphatized finish for surfaces of ducts exposed to view. B. PVC-Coated Galvanized Steel: UL 181, Class 1 listing. Lock-forming-quality, galvanized, sheet steel with ASTM A 653/A 653M, G90 coating designation; factory-applied, 4-mil PVC coating on exposed surfaces of ducts and fittings (exterior of ducts

coating designation; mill phosphatized. C. Galvanized, Rolled Steel Tread Plate: ASTM A 786/A 786M, rolled from steel plate complying with ASTM A 572/A 572M, Grade 55 (380); hot-dip galvanized according to ASTM A 123/A 123M. D. Steel Structural Tubing: ASTM A 500, Grade B. E. Steel Plates, Shapes, and Bars: ASTM A 36/A 36M.

Provide with mill phosphatized surface. Provide smooth material, without creases or ripples. B. Zinc Aluminum Magnesium and Copper Alloy (Zamac): ASTM B 86. C. Stainless Steel Sheet: ASTM A 240 or A 666, 300 series. D. Stainless Steel Castings: ASTM A 743/A 743M. E. Aluminum: ASTM B 221. ...

It has a dull gray appearance that is darker than galvanized. This phosphatized (also known as "bonderized" or "phos-bond") has all the corrosion resistant benefits of galvanized but it can be painted. However, this product is only produced by a few domestic mills and thus becoming less and less specified in our industry.

Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Sheet: ASTM A 653/A, commercial quality, G90 (Z275) coating designation; mill phosphatized. Aluminum Treadplate: 1/8-inch aluminum plate conforming to ASTM B 209. Steel Mechanical Tubing: ASTM A 513, welded steel mechanical tubing. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core: Minimum of .95 pcf complying with ASTM C-578 Type 1.

coating designation according to ASTM A 525, mill phosphatized where indicated for painting; 0.0217 inch thick, unless otherwise indicated. B. Metal Drip Edge: Preformed Anodized Aluminum Type "D" or Brakeformed sheet metal - with at least a 2" roof deck flange and a 1-½" fascia flange with a ⅜" drip at lower edge.

Ducts are made of sheet metal. Galvanized sheet steel with a mill‐phosphatized finish is used for ducts exposed to view and aluminum sheet is used for concealed ducts. It meets section 5.5 as an exception for resistance to mold growth and erosion.

Flat Rolled Steel Products. Curtis Steel carries a full line of sheet and coil ranging in thickness from ¼" to 30 gauge. Products include Galvanized, Cold Rolled, Galvannealed, Bonderized/Phosphatized, Galvalume, Electrogalvanized, HRP&O, and Stainless. While we maintain a large inventory of "stock sized" sheets and coil on the floor available for immediate …

When mill-phosphatized sheets which are to be baked after painting are exposed to humid storage conditions for long periods of time, pre-baking for several minutes at 150 deg C prior to painting can be required to prevent blistering during baking. The chief application for iron phosphate coatings is as a paint base for uncoated carbon steel sheet.

Certificates shall be submitted showing conformance with the applicable standards for ductwork materials, brazing materials, mill-rolled reinforcing and supporting materials, welding procedures, shop test procedures and reports. Certification of welders and qualified welding procedure per Section [01 4444] [and] [01 4455]. INFORMATIONAL SUBMITTALS

The method of claim 12 wherein said phosphatized surface has a low coating below 50 milligrams per square foot, and the phosphatized surface of augmented coating weight has a coating above about 65 milligrams per square foot. 14.

a. Steel Sheets for Color-Coated Finish: Provide mill-phosphatized steel sheet that is leveled to stretcher-leveled flatness complying with the requirements of standards indicated below: 1) Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet: ASTM A 653, Class C, of the following minimum thicknesses: a) Pilasters (Overhead Braced): 0.0359 inch.

Mill-Phosphatized Finish: Manufacturer's standard for field painting. Factory Prime Coating: Where field painting in indicated, apply pretreatment and white or light-colored, factory-applied, baked-on epoxy primer coat, with a minimum dry-film thickness of 0.2 mil.

Exposed-Surface Finish: Mill phosphatized. Stainless-Steel Sheets: Comply with ASTM A480/A480M, Type 304 or 316 as specified below, and having a mill finish. Aluminum Sheets: Comply with ASTM B209/B209M, Alloy 3003, Temper H14; with mill finish. Aluminized Steel Sheets: Comply with ASTM A463 / A463M. Aluminized Coating Designation: T1 40

ASTM D9092- mill phosphatized coating for painting. IF BONDERIZED ASTM b370- Sheet Copper, 16oz and 20oz IF GALVANIZED .025 x.025 hot dipped galvanized 23ga wire mesh Installation: Install like any other similar Ventilator Product on the market.

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The phosphatized surface is obtained from a composition that can contain methylene chloride, as well as water in minor amount, and yet maintain a continuous and homogeneous liquid phase. ... Additional suitable paints can include the oil paints and the paint system may be applied as a mill finish. Before applying the phosphate coating, it is ...

mill phosphatized finish Phosphatizing - Superior Shot Peening, Inc. // Shot Peening, Metal ... Phosphatizing, also called phosphating or phosphate conversion coating, is a metal pretreatment primarily used to prepare steel for paint or coatings and to... Read more Products - Amsco Steel

A phosphatized metal surface produced by the process of claim 13. Description: The present invention is concerned with the modification of steel surfaces and metal coated surfaces, in particular zinc-coated (including galvanized) steel, with the objective of making them suitable to serve as substrates for protective and decorative organic ...

B coating; mill phosphatized; suitable for unexposed applications; stretcher-leveled standard of flatness where used for face sheets. 2.3 DOORS A. Interior Doors: Complying with requirements indicated below by referencing ANSI 250.8 For level and model and ANSI A250.4 for physical-endurance level: 1.

hot-dip galvanized, mill phosphatized. B. Stainless Steel: AISI Type 302/304, ASTM A167, 2D annealed finish except as otherwise indicated, temper as required for forming and performance. C. Aluminum Sheet: ASTM B209, alloy 3003, temper as required for forming and performance; A-C22A41 clear anodized finish, except mill finish

2. Finishes for Surfaces Exposed to View: Mill phosphatized. C. Stainless-Steel Sheets: Comply with ASTM A480/A480M, Type 304 or 316, as indicated in the "Duct Schedule" Article; cold rolled, annealed, sheet. Exposed surface finish shall be No. 2B, No. 2D, No. 3, or No. 4 as indicated in the "Duct Schedule" Article.

The use of a "paint grip" or "mill phosphatized" surface is not necessary in order to facilitate surface painting. Linx recommends the use of "DTM" (Direct to Metal) paint products. These paints are available through all major paint manufacturers and are specifically designed to adhere to galvanized steel surfaces.

Because when a roofer installs a metal flashing made of mill phosphatized (paint grip) steel (normally 22ga.), the painter usually paints the exposed metal to match the building. Great, but in 37 years, I have never seen them paint the back of …

Product Identifier: Mill Galvanized Steel Sheets Manufacturer: Heckmann Building Products Inc. – 1501 N. 31st Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 60160-2911 Phone and emergency number: 708-865-2403 Section 2 – Hazard(s) Identification 2(a) Classification of the Chemical: As sold, this product, Galvanized (Hot Dipped) Sheet – Carbon

Mill Phosphatized Steel (Paint Grip) Galvanealed Steel — A60 f Stainless Steel — 304L and 316L 3003 Aluminum SPOT Agion (anti-microbial coating) Polyvinyl Coated (PCD) Black Iron. Available Transverse Connectors. Standard Slip-Fit / Couplings SPOT Flange SPOT Triple Rib Gasketed Angle Rings

designation; mill phosphatized. 4. Jamb Anchors: a. Masonry Type: Adjustable strap-and-stirrup or T-shaped anchors to suit frame size, not less than 0.042 inch (1.0 mm) thick, with corrugated or perforated straps not less than 2 inches (51 mm) wide by 10 inches (254 mm) long; or wire anchors not less than 0.177 inch (4.5 mm) thick. 5.

Bonderizing is a trade name for phosphatizing. CURRIES uses specialized equipment to apply an iron phosphate coating (phospahtizing) to the steel during the cleaning process before painting to improve paint adhesion and increase rust resistance.

Mill Phosphatized Finished… (1) Plastic (1) Tin Plated 6061-T6 Aluminum (14) Tin Plated Aluminum (1) Mounting. Horizontal (1) Screw (8) Surface (1) Neutral Type. Quad Ground (3) Solidly Grounded (1) Number Of Jaws. 13 (1) 4 (4) 5 (4) 7 (3) Number Of Positions. 2 (1) Opening Type. Large Opening (1) Standard Opening (1) Service Type

† The use of a "paint grip" or "mill phosphatized" surface is not necessary in order to facilitate surface painting. † Gustafson recommends the use of "DTM" (Direct to Metal) paint products. These paints are available through all major paint manufacturers and are specifically designed to adhere to galvanized steel sur-faces.